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Há uns anos atrás, fartei-me dos temas nada bonitos do Firefox existentes na altura, e decidi criar um tema a meu gosto, simples e limpo, ao estilo da Apple, foi então que fiz o "MacOSX Theme", mas fi-lo só para uso pessoal, até que há cerca de um mês decidi publicar o tema ao publico, sem esperar o tão grande sucesso que este teve.

Depois de pouco mais de um mês de actividade no site dos Add-ons da Firefox, o tema conta já com uns bonitos 564,667 Downloads e 82,966 Utilizadores Diários, superou qualquer expectativa que eu pudesse ter, mas o facto é que cada vez recebo mais e-mails com pedidos para melhoramentos, e para a criação de um espaço onde se pudessem debater as falhas e melhorias a aplicar ao tema em próximas versões, posto isso, aqui esta o espaço pretendido.

For non-Portuguese users, this is the place where you can make requests or suggestions.


As a request from some MacOSX "normal" version users, here are the new versions:

Comments (51)

O teu tema para o firefox é bastante bonito.
E parabéns pelo blog, tem um design muito atraente.

its really the most beautiful and realistic mac os x theme for firefox ive ever seen, just a lil thing bothers me - the favicon bar :S how can i activate the favicons in the favicon bar? i really want these lil buttons to see ^^

Thank you for your suggestion Mrzero.
You can now download a version with favicons in bookmark bar.

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How to apply those versions ? Does it has to be placed in a particular folder or what ?

Your theme is great, but I need that inactive tab font more clearly.

Thank You :)

Anton, just open the add-on window, and drag the downloaded "macosx_theme.jar" into the window... and its all ;)

Gracias, esta bien padre!

I just downloaded the version with bigger tab text. Now it's REALLY functional. I used Stylish extension to do the same with the status bar and also got the active tab text almost white to better visualize it. Now it's perfect! Thanks for the wonderful job with your theme and congrats for your great site.

Request: can you make this theme (or another version) into Safari v4's theme? like white/gray version =)


I'm using win7 and I'm not getting the 3 colour buttons on the title bar. Just regular old windows title bar... I hate it.. Anything I can do to get rid of it?

the drop-down list of tabs (to the right of all tabs) does not have the active tab in BOLD like the default theme.


folders with links and separators in bookmarks toolbar do not show the separator between the links that have been added. default theme shows them and when you browse those bookmarks using the organize bookmarks that works as well.

any quick fix to have the theme honor the separator in the actual toolbar?

i am running firefox 3.5.5 with MacOSX theme 0.7.1 on MacBook Pro running 10.6.2 in 64bit mode

Thanks a lot for this theme Tony, I'm really loving it (OOPS it's mac OS and not Mac DONALD's!) Just a question though :

I've got a problem on windows because the colour of text selection in the URL and search boxes is invisible. I can barely see what I've selected, only the text itself is a little lighter when selected.

I'm using the same theme on Ubuntu linux, I don't have the problem. Any suggestion ?

Mac OS X v0.7.1 Theme works now with FF 3.6...
There are no major bugs, I'll start now testing everything with FF v3.6b

I'll try to find out what's causing it, thank you.

Boas... só para dizer que sou mais um utilizador do teu tema! :p

thank you so much.. but could i echo icons?

Hello - A wonderful theme! But, it seems to not be compatible with Yahoo! Mail.

When in Yahoo mail, this theme makes FF3.5 always update... constantly shifting the screen around and affecting performance.

If you can fix this, I can go back to this theme.

i see the tabs and buttons of the default theme, how can i change them? nice theme anyway :D

Hi there.

I can't get it to work with FF 3.6

When you choose it as a theme, it displays the default FF theme (although FF says you are using MacOSX theme).

Please note that on Mozilla's Addons list, it says MacOXS theme is compatible with FF 3.6:



hey Toni,
It seems like your theme is not working with FF 3.6.

Thank you soooo much!

Thanks for this it look fantastic.
I have one small problem in that due to my poor eyesight I find it very difficult to see selected text in the address bar or the search bar as the contrast is so low.
Could you please tell me how to change the colour of selected text to something other than white,

well your theme doesnt work with firefox 3.6.
Please update the theme. after applying the theme is shows the basic firefox theme

Theme does not work on firefox 3.6! I get the default theme even after installing. TONI PLEASE HELP!!

Great theme but it doesn't work in Firefox 3.6, please update it :)

To Everyone,
Sorry for taking so much time to update my theme for FF3.6, but I've been having exams and school projects, for which I have spent much time studying, I'll soon start to update the theme, and you can expect a major update ;)

Eu espero você,
muito obrigado!

Hey Everyone,
Sorry for the delay, it been already a month since the FF3.6 update, but I just could get to work this week.
Compatibility with FF3.6 is added, now I will try to solve minor bugs.

Olá Toni,

Olha, só uma situação. Tive alguma dificuldade em instalar o tema. Aparecia sempre a opção de download do jar em vez de abrir a instalação do add-on.

Finalmente lá descobri como se instala manualmente, mas outros possivelmente terão a mesma dificuldade que tive.

Depois do download, basta abrir os add-ons na janela dos temas e arrastar o ficheiro para cima da janela. É simples e não custa nada deixar uma ajudinha destas ao pessoal.

De resto, muitos parabéns pelo trabalho, está espectacular.


it`s a fantastic job. But I have a problem, I can´t save new bookmarks in folders than I create in toolbar,the new bookmarks are saved as a 'recently added' and I can´t to move to another folder. Can you help me? more thanks

This is a great theme. My other favorites were Pinball (sadly gone) and Skypilot. But this one is wonderful. I am especially grateful for the version that puts rhe favicone in the tab (and thus the bar above) since I use only the icons and get rid of text. REQUEST - Can you do a favicon + light grey version? That would be my favorite.

Regardless, thanks!

G. Beker

Hi...i'm Using windows 7 x86 bit with firefox 3.6.3 all appear normally except my minimize,maximize,and close button. 3 of them doesn't change into Mac Theme

Hey, thanks for this theme! Very good, however, where is the RSS icon? I'm talking about rss autodiscovery.

Olá toni parabéns está tudo muito bonito continua....

need a graphite version :D

thanks for your beautiful theme

hallo. i`m rus. i veri bad know english. you plugin veri nice.
i need see you, veri bag if show video see this( button no normal size, bag visible. sorry my english. good bye.

I love your theme, and have been using it on all my computers for over a year now. However, I do have a problem running on Linux CentOS 4 PC with Firefox 3.6.4. When adding a bookmark, and selecting a folder, the list will not populate correctly, and the window will not set the correct size.

Thanks for your work!

Eu amo o seu tema, e têm sido a usá-lo em todos os meus computadores para mais de um ano. No entanto, eu tenho um problema rodando no Linux CentOS 4 PC com o Firefox 3.6.4. Ao adicionar um marcador, e selecionar uma pasta, a lista não preencher corretamente, ea janela não vai definir o tamanho correto.

Obrigado pelo seu trabalho!


E quando ao futuro Firefox 4? O tema será atualizado?

It's absolutely great, I'm adding my vote for making it work with FF4.

Look and feel of this theme is very good. But I found two annoying things:
* if you zoom (hitting + "+") when zoom reaches high level, browser scroolbars increase in size and this is not pleasant to see
* with this theme google maps street view becomes unusable starts flickering and full screen looks like freezed (disabling this add-on google maps street view forks flawlessly)
I tested this both on a clean ubuntu maverick install and on windows (firefox 3.6.12)

I'm using win7 and I'm not getting the 3 colour buttons on the title bar. Just regular old windows title bar... I hate it.. Anything I can do to get rid of it?

Beautiful theme!

What's the "system font"? the new ubuntu font? Droid Sans? It's the best I've seen!

Can you please answer this question?

I'm using win7 and I'm not getting the 3 colour buttons on the title bar. Just regular old windows title bar... I hate it.. Anything I can do to get rid of it?

Boas, antes de mais parabéns pelo tema, está soberbo.

Eu só tenho uma pequena dúvida, eu tenho a barra de marcadores cheira de 'links', mas no entanto não aparece os 'logos' dos próprios sites guardados, isto é alguma falha do meu firefox?? ou é assim mesmo? e se dá para 'remediar'!!

Thiago Perry de Sampaio

For me is THE THEME ! I think I have seen it everywhere! You have made a great job! Thank you for everything you have done!

It does not work yet with FireFox 3.6, but I hope this theme will be updated by one of the smart guys out there (I am not one of them, of course, I am struggling even writing in english).
From Romania.

I have Ubuntu 10.10 OS ( I think the best of all OS, and free to!), and FireFox 3.6, and the theme problems that appear are:

- the text from browser menu is white-grey and on the grey background, it can not be seen well;

- the text from Bookmarks is white-grey on white background, the same problem.

What can be done? Thank you.

Adoro o seu tema para Firefox! Será que o vai actualizar para Firefox 4? Faz mesmo falta!

waiting this theme compatible for firefox 4 :)
many thanks

great theme and an update for ff4 would be outstanding as I miss not having it now

This is the only theme i've really liked and use it for a little over year now or something. Too bad it doesn't work with ff4, hope to see it on ff4 soon though! (the macosx alternative looks crap compared to this)

Can you make this for Firefox 43 please.

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